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EMFIT MM™Movement Monitor

Intelligent, patented, clinically-proven nighttime bed monitor that continuously observes movements and alarms upon the onset of repetitive muscle spasms like those associated with Epilepsy and Tonic-Clonic (Grand Mal) seizures.

Designed and made in Finland and available worldwide, the Emfit Movement Monitor is the most trusted, clinically proven seizure monitoring device for quickly detecting, monitoring, and alerting a family member or caregiver to nighttime activity involving continuous, repetitive, convulsive movements (muscle jerking).

Non-body-contact and nothing attached to the individual to interfere with peaceful sleep.

Sleep sound and sleep safe.

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Control unit can be attached to the headboard or mounted on the wall

Patented, ultra-thin sensor can be discreetly

installed, even under a thick mattress.

Extremely durable and easy to install with no cuffs or bands attached to the individual, and NO Wi-Fi cutting out during the night.

Always on and always protecting!


Epilepsy Partner Foundations

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Learn more about Danny and SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy), and apply for a grant for the Emfit Movement Monitor through the Danny Did Foundation.

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Learn more about Josh Chapnick and Josh Provides, and apply for a grant for an

Emfit Movement Monitor.

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Learn more about Chelsea and the

Chelsea Hutchison Foundation and email

to apply for a grant for an

Emfit Movement Monitor.

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Learn more about the

 PCDH19 Alliance.


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