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“This strong little man of mine had a seizure tonight, the first he's had while asleep with his Emfit Monitor. I can't thank you enough for such a wonderful product especially now that I've seen it in action and it's helped keep Adam safe.” – Alyssa L.

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“Oh my goodness we just set up the Emfit Movement Monitor, finally got a waterproof sheet and tested it and Ben had a myoclonic seizure and it went off. What a relief to know we have this, now if we can figure out how to keep him from banging his head we will be all set!! Thank you so much Bruce Chapnick ( and Christine Ocean-Rintala!!! I love it. This is amazing.” – Becky R.

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“I just want to say thank you! On Wednesday the alarm woke us up because Maggie was having a grand mal seizure. I have told soo many parents about this including her neurologist. Thank you for saving lives!!” – Kimberly D.

Candace Johnson Family - Foster

“I look forward to sleeping more than 2-4 hours a night! Thank you again!” - Candace


“Early this morning I was awakened by the beeping sound of this Emfit monitor alerting me that Hailey was seizing. It sounded like a fire alarm. I now know that it works and it works well.” – Stephanie


"We have been using the monitor for about a week, and it has alerted me EVERY night of MULTIPLE episodes. I think it's made things more real for my husband. This is just more ammo to take back to the doctor next month." – Katlyn


"First night with Mr. Dante back in his own bed thanks to the Chelsea Hutchison Foundation, Julie Hutchison, and Christine Ocean-Rintala for providing us with a seizure monitor!" - Jessica


"Directly from Canada... can't wait to get some sleep... Abigaëlle had a stroke while I was pregnant of her... and started to have nocturnal epilepsy since she is 5 years old... big long crisis really hard to stop... the smallest one ... 40 minutes...longest 75 minutes... Thanks for this product!!!!" - Marie-Eve


"I wanted to send you a note of gratitude. Dominic’s been quite sick the last 2 months and the Emfit MM, Movement Monitor has caught 2 seizures we would not have caught ourselves. They occurred during his sleep, one at 4 am, and another during a nap. He made no sounds himself, I just heard the alarm and was able to react and administer his rescue medication. Thank you for supporting people like me and Dominic."


“Thank you for my Emfit monitor. Every night I take my medicine and turn on my monitor. If I have a seizure at night it makes a loud noise to tell my mom I am in trouble.” - Paul


Isaiah has seizures during his sleep that involve movement, but no noise. When searching for a way to be alerted, his mom learned about the Emfit MM, Movement Monitor at and we were able to provide the family a grant so that they could purchase the system. We wish a good path and the best possible seizure control to our new friend!” – Danny Did Foundation


“I've never been so excited or ready for a good nights sleep!” – Elsa


“Being an Epileptic since childhood myself and having 2 out of 3 of my children with Epilepsy, I'm so humbled to say THANK YOU!!! Here is a picture of my daughter with the monitoring system that The Chelsea Hutchison Foundation provided. She now has a sense of safety!!!”

Lisa V. image001

“I cannot believe that after a year - with your help and reference - you made it possible to get in contact with Josh Provides, and now our son will be able to have his own room after 6 years when his seizures changed. Thank you for calling his Neurologist and explaining all the info about your product. Yay! We are beyond happy. Thank you so very much Christine. You and Bruce are amazing.” – Lisa V.

Little boy

"Portrait of peace of mind. Thanks to our outstanding funding donor and the amazing folks at Emfit MM, Movement Monitor (big shout out to Christine!!! 💜) for the first time in.... well.... a VERY long time.. I am sleeping through the night in my bed, and my little boy has the confidence to sleep without fear. A precious gift of so many graces to our hearts, and possibly the gift of life itself. There aren’t words for these sorts of feelings...just images.. like this." – Relieved Mom

"Thank you so much for giving our family the peace of mind, sense of safety, & comfort each & every night! Knowing that we WILL be alerted for that next seizure is the most reassuring feeling ever." - Caroline



“I am overwhelmed when I think of what could have happened two nights ago. Instead, she had her first day of 3rd grade today.” - The L. Family


"This morning the monitor saved my son’s life. We were alerted in the early hours of the morning that he was in the throes of a major status seizure. It was so early we would have never known he was having an issue - he could have easily aspirated as he had vomited during the seizure. We are so thankful that we were able to get one of your monitors and forever grateful. We can sleep easily for the first time in 12 years!" - Anita

"The Emfit Monitor has changed our lives, I can’t thank you enough! Our son is now able to be back sleeping in his own bedroom (and out of ours) now that we have a monitor to let us know if he has a seizure. I wish I could explain the relief we feel as parents to have something like this." - Jeanne 

“Our nephew was recently in ICU for a week following a series of bad seizures. The Emfit monitor did just what is was supposed to and alerted us so we could get him the immediate medical attention he needed! The monitor has now alerted us three times of seizures, twice in the middle of the night and once at naptime. I don’t know what I would have done if it weren’t The Danny Did Foundation and the Emfit monitor. I can’t thank you all enough for the peace of mind you have given us.” - Rebecca

"The Emfit sensor alerted us to an early morning seizure my son had Friday. He hadn’t had a big seizure since January, having been diagnosed in December. It brought back all the fears and emotions and it doesn’t get any easier watching your loved one seize. But it was amazing to be alerted to it happening and being able to help him. So thank you so very much." - Candace


 "I actually just purchased this for my son who is 4yrs.  He has partial/complex and tonic/clonic seizures.  His convulsions are very small with very little/light movement of his right wrist.   The monitor has picked up every seizure.  This monitor is worth every penny!!" - Nicholas

"I am 40 and have this monitor. I have nocturnal seizures and this wakes my husband up. We are both sleeping much better now." - Sammi

"I sleep so much better at night knowing I will be alerted if my daughter starts having a tonic-clonic seizure. It went off one night and alerted us our daughter was having a seizure. I can't tell you how relieved I have felt ever since. I can't imagine how long her seizure would have lasted if we hadn't been alerted." 

"Helped our family recreate a life where there is a greater sense of peace in our hearts and homes." - Nicole

"Absolutely the best purchase we have made for the whole family's peace of mind." - Mira S.

"Anyone considering EMFIT should definitely get one. We have had ours for a couple of months but never had a need until last night. Our son had his first tonic clonic in months at 2 am. His EMFIT alarmed and we were able to be with him, and put him on his side and help as his face was buried in his pillow. He had another with the paramedics present, but if it had not been for Emfit he may have stayed in status and we would not have known. Emfit saved his life." - Robert

"Thank y’all so much for your help. I’ve been sleeping MUCH better since we now have the seizure monitor. I can’t express how thankful we are." - Katherine

"Our daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy at 13 months with a very high risk of SUDEP, due to the frequency and duration of seizures she has while sleeping; she also stops breathing during generalized tonic clinic seizures. We purchased an Emfit Movement Monitor 4 1/2 years ago and it’s still going strong; we can take when traveling and even camping, as it runs on electricity or battery. She is able to sleep in her own bed and own bedroom. Before that, we never had a good night of sleep and were constantly worried about SUDEP. Now, when it goes off, we can run in to her room and check on her immediately. Before, she slept in our room and I was afraid to fall asleep for fear of her seizing and the possibility of SUDEP. This has completely changed our lives and has allowed us to have a better peace of mind. Thank you Emfit!" - Samantha


"Christine Ocean is an angel right here on earth! She was so very helpful, compassionate and knowledgeable. She helped us purchase our son's initial monitor, a second mat and a second unit for the sitter's house. We love our Emfit!!!!!!" - Miriah


"The Emfit sensor alerted us to an early morning seizure my son had Friday. He hadn’t had a big seizure since January, having been diagnosed in December. It brought back all the fears and emotions and it doesn’t get any easier watching your loved one seize. But it was amazing to be alerted to it happening and being able to help him. So thank you so very much." - Candace

"We recently purchased this unit, and we can finally sleep. This unit has given us warnings when he had seizures or when he got out of bed, Our video monitor was not picking up the seizures, and we do not have 24 hour care. We would not have known he had three seizures in one night. Seizures are a part of our life... Juvenile Batten Disease." - John H.


"Our Emfit seizure monitor has been a lifesaver. Our child's seizures primarily occur when she is sleeping." - Lori S.

"My daughters Emfit monitor alerted us this morning to a Tonic-Clonic seizure! Within seconds I was in her room and by her side riding it out with her." - Amber S.

"We recently purchased a monitor for our 15-year-old daughter who has tonic clonic generalized seizures. Last night at 8pm the monitor went off while she was sitting on her bed working on homework. I would have never known she was having a seizure if the alarm had not gone off. Then, the alarm went off again at 5 am and we were alerted to another seizure. As a 15-year-old, she does not want to have to keep her door open all the time or have mom or dad sleep in her room. So thankful for our monitor. It gives us peace of mind that we will be alerted if she is having a seizure, while allowing her to have her privacy and not have to feel like we are hovering over her all the time. Thank you Emfit!" - Laura


"We have had an Emfit monitor for many many years for our 22-year-old daughter who has intractable epilepsy and Rett syndrome. The company is excellent to work with and the monitor provides us peace of mind as caregivers. I highly recommend it." - Ashley

"Our son Brock who is 17 years old was diagnosed with Epilepsy in December 2018. He has not had good results with medication to control his epilepsy. He had 14 seizures in the month of June & we worried each day if we were doing enough to be there when he needed us. My husband & I took turns sleeping on his floor through June, July, & the beginning of August. This EMIFT monitor has us sleeping so much better!!!!" - Julie

"I am convinced that without her Emfit monitor I wouldn't have my sweet angel." - Heather

"I just wanted to let you know that the Emfit monitor picked up a seizure last night and is working perfectly. I think it is going to make a huge difference to our sleep and peace of mind at night. Thanks for your kindness, patience and assistance in getting it to us. I appreciate it very much." - Jessica R.

"My daughter is at Camp this week and is safely tucked in with her Emfit Movement Monitor we received this winter. It's so easy to transport, install and use that I didn't hesitate to allow her to go to camp (then I sit at home and pray it doesn't go off medical staff onsite fyi). I would have never been able to let her go on this trip without the Chelsea Hutchinson Foundation and Emfit We are all sleeping peacefully thanks to you!" - Anne


"I cannot tell you what a relief this has been to me as a mother…but also to my son. He is a child and it worries him that we wont be there if he were to have a seizure. However, for all of our sanity we had to have a solution to sleepless nights. I have no qualms about recommending the Emfit Monitor. The device is a God-send and customer service is amazing." - Marie


"We purchased the Emfit MM for our 1 year old. The monitor has been the best investment! We can now relax and sleep knowing that our son is being monitored; I no longer feel the need to constantly check him while he’s napping and at night I no longer wake every few minutes to listen to his breathing. The Emfit MM fits well in the crib (we have a smaller apartment size crib). The Emfit MM fits easily in carry-on luggage and is great for traveling. The peace of mind the Emfit MM has provided us with is worth every penny! The customer service we received was incredible. Christine Ocean-Rintala has been amazing. Thank-you so much Christine for all your help!" - Julie K.

“Now she sleeps in her room like a normal 13 year old, and the rest of us sleep peacefully!” 

“I am so grateful to you all at Emfit. I unfortunately have three of your alarms and all of my boys can sleep soundly now. My eldest says he knows he can sleep safely and confident in knowing he's safe! This in itself has brought a warm tingle to me knowing that he feels like this…his life they said, has most definitely been saved a few times. Thank you all for such a life-saving alarm.” – Lee Anne M.


We will always be thankful for everything that you have done to help our family. Caleb went to the hospital this weekend because he went into Status Epilepticus and in our dealings with the hospitals we are determined to make others SUDEP and epilepsy aware. We were shocked at how unfamiliar people are in their dealings with epilepsy. We feel as though everyone living with epilepsy needs to have a monitor and that everyone should be aware of how serious epilepsy really is. – The Nash Family

Shortly after Lily was diagnosed, I learned of the Emfit nighttime movement monitor! I reached out to the Chelsea Hutchison Foundation, and without hesitation, they provided us with the monitor that Lily needed so badly! With the blessing of this monitor, we can feel secure when we lay Lily down for a nap, or bed at night! It will sound an alarm if Lily seizes in her sleep, and allow us time to get to her with her emergency medication. – Heidi


My son has been in the hospital for 4 weeks as of yesterday. Status seizures on Monday night and was intubated. Just got out of PICU last night...long recovery ahead. A good note, the monitor sounded Monday night when the seizures began. It works...lifesaver. – Tom P.


You provide awesome customer service! I have a 9 year old who is so excited to be back in her bed in her own room. The new sensor is working great!!!! – Sheila B.


"I am so in love with this little piece of technology! My daughter has a seizure disorder and last night this little sucker went off for the first time and we were able to prevent a huge grandmal because it caught the focal motors she has before a grand mal! Thank you for inventing something that works and that can save lives!" – Alyasia O’Neal

"Our son “ E” just finished weaning off of his seizure medication today, and that monitor is a major reason why. We were able to say with confidence that he’d been seizure-free for two years, and we know if he ever has another one the monitor will alert us. I cannot express how much it has meant to us to be able to monitor his nighttime seizures in this way; to let him sleep in his own bed, to let me sleep without the anxiety of him having a undetected seizure. Thank you so much for all you do. We are forever grateful to you for making us aware of SUDEP and giving us the support we needed to make sure our son would not fall victim to it." – The Neal Family


“The Emfit Monitor has been working amazing for “J.” We were so shocked at the amount of seizures that he was having during the night that we were not aware of prior! One night the monitor went off and we ran into his room to find him seizing and turning blue. Had we not had the Emfit monitor I honestly believe we would have lost “J” that night.” – The Beahm Family


“Life is fragile. Thank you for handling Dacey’s order with care. Ya’ll are just the best!” – Teralena


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