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About us

Epi USA was established in 2019 by dedicated employees of Emfit, Corp. (Est. 2005), a subsidiary of Emfit Ltd. (Est. 1990, located in Vaajakosi, Finland). All Emfit products and technology are patented and manufactured in Finland. Epi USA has a primary focus on sales, logistics, and compassionate customer care in North America for the Emfit Movement Monitor. We are the sole distributor of Emfit Movement Monitors in the U.S. and Canada and are veteran employees and officers of Emfit Corp. with over 26 years of combined experience with Emfit products and the Emfit company.


Epi USA will make certain our customers (“Families & Caregivers” ) have not only the most effective monitoring systems for their needs, but the best support available. We continue to hold the torch that is Emfit’s stellar reputation and promise to always do that! Our knowledgeable and compassionate representatives are pleased to answer questions about any Emfit system. Nothing makes us happier than to hear you have had a good night’s sleep knowing your loved one is kept safe by an Emfit Movement Monitor.


About Emfit products and the Emfit Movement Monitor: Emfit was founded in 1990 and is a pioneer and world-leading manufacturer of under-mattress, non-body-contact, movement activity and bed occupancy monitors for home and institutional care. Emfit’s innovative products have become a standard in a multitude of home and healthcare environments. Emfit is known for its patented, innovative discreet vitals monitoring technology with hundreds of articles and clinical studies published on Emfit film and product effectiveness. Emfit products are distributed worldwide. For more information on Emfit products, please visit the Emfit website at


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