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Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ page provides answers to our most frequently asked questions. Please feel free to email us at or call (512) 667-7507.

We’re always happy to help!

1. Are there age or weight restrictions with the Movement Monitor?

The Movement Monitor can be used by anyone, regardless of age or weight. The only requirements are that the event (ie repetitive muscle jerking) last just past the minimum preset delay of 10 seconds (adjustable to 10, 13, 16, or 20 seconds) and there are no long pauses in between movements (ie muscle jerking).

Place the Emfit sensor above the mattress and beneath a mattress pad or foam topper for children weighing less than 35 pounds.

2. What is included in this system?

The Movement Monitor is easy to install with only two components needed: the durable, under-mattress Emfit bed sensor and the Emfit control unit that can be mounted on the wall or placed at bedside. Optional accessories that include the Remote Alarm, AC Adapter, and Additional Bed Sensor are available to purchase from the online shop.

3. Will the Movement Monitor work with the mattress type we have?

The Movement Monitor is designed to work with all types of mattresses, including foam, memory-shape, spring, and extra-thick varieties. Factory settings work for most situations, but there is a sensitivity adjustment inside of the control unit if you need to make changes.

4. Will the Movement Monitor work well with larger Full, Queen, or King-sized beds?

The manufacturer recommends that the Emfit Movement Monitor be installed on a twin-sized bed. However, any sized bed may be appropriate as long as the individual does not move too far away from the sensor which is ideally placed below the chest area. In the event that you wish to cover more area of the bed (For example, the individual being monitored is in a larger bed or may be restless and/or have a tendency to roll around the surface of the bed quite a bit), an additional sensor can be added and connected to the same control unit. Additional Emfit Bed Sensor and required Y-Cable can be ordered from the online shop at this website. 

5. Where does the sensor go?

Emfit's patented, non-body-contact sensor is placed BENEATH the mattress, on top of the box spring or other flat surface. If you have a platform bed with slats, a piece of plywood (3’ x 2’) can be used, and the sensor can be placed on top of that. This will prevent the sensor from bending in between the open spaces. We recommend that the sensor be placed on top of the mattress and below a mattress pad or foam topper. for children under 35 pounds. This will help prevent wear and tear of the sensor. Please test thoroughly before putting into use and be sure to conduct weekly tests to make sure everything is functioning normally.

6. How can I test the Movement Monitor once I have the system set up?

Since it can be difficult to simulate an event, we suggest placing the palm of your hand on top of the mattress, above where the sensor is placed. Press faster, repeatedly. You will know you are pressing at the correct speed when you see the green LED light on the control unit begin to flicker faster, indicating faster movements are detected. Keep pressing at that speed until alarm sounds (just past the preset delay you have selected). Alarm will continue to sound a few seconds after the faster movements have stopped. 

7. Will the alarm alert us to someone exiting the bed?

The Movement Monitor includes an optional bed exit alarm feature which comes factory disabled. An alarm will sound within 5 seconds (or the delay that you select)of someone exiting the bed. This feature can be enabled inside of the control unit. Please request the manual with this feature when placing your order.

8. Will I be able to hear the alarm in a different room?

The monitor emits a high-frequency alarm that is designed to carry, especially at night when all daytime noises are eliminated. We do offer the plug-in optional Remote Alarm that will sound an alarm up to 500 feet from the main Emfit control unit kept at bedside. A baby monitor placed next to the control unit is also an option to consider.

9. How do I prevent false alarms?

The Emfit Movement Monitor has been clinically validated and has an excellent reputation for having an extremely low FAR (False Alarm Rate), so it's unlikely for you to experience false alarms.

Regardless, false alarms can occur when the optional bed exit alarm feature is in use (or inadvertently enabled), and sensitivity is not calibrated correctly.

NOTE: Calibrating your Emfit monitor is ONLY necessary when the bed exit alarm feature is enabled.  False alarms can be prevented by thoroughly testing the bed exit alarm before putting into use. 

False alarms can also occur if an individual is particularly restless (excessive scratching, rocking, fitful sleep, etc.). The adjustable preset delay should prevent alerts to most normal faster movements like rolling over, kicking and scratching. We recommend that you set the preset delay higher from the current setting if you experience alarms to normal faster movements. Preset delay levels can be set to 10, 13, 16 or 20 seconds.

10. Why is the red LED light flashing on the front of the control unit?

  • Is the sensor cable able plugged into the control unit?

  • Red light blinking every fourth time blue light blinks: The batteries need to be replaced.

  • Red light blinking same speed as the blue light: Sensor is damaged and needs to be replaced.

Please refer to manual for all trouble-shooting issues, or contact our office at (512) 667-7507 or email us at


11. How is the Movement Monitor different from other alarm systems?

The Emfit Movement Monitor is a "stand-alone" system with an easy set-up. Just plug the sensor into the control unit and turn on. No risk of Wi-Fi cutting out, no battery charging, and no false alarming. Durable and reliable. Always on, always protecting.

Along with having very sophisticated, customized software that is built into the control unit, and being the only under-mattress monitoring system on the market to receive extremely positive independent clinical validation in multiple countries, our sensor is more sensitive than what is currently available. The sensor is made of Emfit’s special proprietary and patented electro-active polymer which produces small electric signals from any movement, even the very slightest ones. Unobtrusive and nothing touching the body so your loved one sleeps sound and safe.


12. How soon will I receive the monitor?

Within 1 to 5 business days of order being placed, or no more than 10-14 days if out of stock. Add an additional 5 to 7 days if shipping to Canada.

13. What is the Return Policy and Warranty?

Epi USA offers a 30-day money-back guarantee (excluding shipping costs), and a one-year warranty on all manufacturer defective parts on the Emfit Movement Monitor and Emfit Bed Sensor. We offer a 90-day warranty for the AC Adapter & Remote Alarm.

14. Can I travel with this?

Absolutely! The monitor is portable, and travels easily - even through airport security. The system is easy to set up with virtually every type of mattress, and can provide much needed security during a family vacation. It is recommended that you use the original box to transport the monitor to avoid bending and possibly damaging the sensor. Please remember to test monitor before putting into use as settings may need to be adjusted to the type of bed being used.

15. How long do the batteries last, and what type should I use?

Battery power can last about 2-3 months when using good quality batteries. The red LED light will flash on the control unit and you will hear an audible beeping sound when battery power is running low. Please replace with good quality, non-expired AA alkaline batteries only. DO NOT USE LITHIUM OR RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES!

You can add the Medical Grade AC Adapter (power supply) if you do not want to worry about changing batteries every 2-3 months. We do recommend leaving batteries in if using the AC Adapter as they will provide a back-up should there be an electrical outage. Make sure to change batteries once a year if choosing this option as they may corrode or leak and cause damage to the control unit if left in longer.

16. Do you offer a remote alarm?

Yes, we offer an optional plug-in Remote Alarm that will alarm up to 500 feet from the Emfit control unit. Battery should be changed in the Remote Alarm transmitter - the component that plugs into the underside of the Emfit control unit - every 1-2 years. Be sure to plug Remote Alarm into a live outlet and test often.

17. Are replacement parts available?

Yes, regardless of a manufacturer defect or damage that occurs on the user’s side, there are options available for repair or replacement of all parts. Replacement and additional products are available at this Epi USA website.

18. Will the Movement Monitor interfere with other electronic devices being used?

No, the Emfit Movement Monitor does not transmit any signal and will not interfere with other electronic devices.

19. What happens if the sensor gets wet?

It is unlikely to happen because the sensor goes beneath the mattress. Sensor is encased in a water-resistant cover which can be wiped dry and cleaned with a damp cloth.

20. Will insurance cover the Movement Monitor?

We currently do not submit claims to insurance companies, so before you purchase the monitor you should contact your provider to see if they will cover the monitor under a miscellaneous code. A doctor’s script along with a letter of medical necessity may improve your chances of receiving reimbursement. You can call our office or email us for more specific instructions, including which code might be used (see office contact info below).

The Movement Monitor is not classified as a Medical Device in the U.S. and Canada and is intended for General Population Use.

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