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Study:The Emfit MM Detects "Convulsive Seizures with Good Sensitivity and Low FAR" False Alarm Rate

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

This very favorable independent study published on the Emfit Movement Monitor in January of 2023 was an "assessment of an under-mattress sensor as a seizure detection tool in an adult epilepsy monitoring unit that yielded excellent results and enabled nursing staff to intervene "100% of the time."

"Objective: Because of SUDEP (Sudden and unexpected death in epilepsy) and other direct consequences of generalized tonic-clonic seizures, the use of efficient seizure detection tool may be helpful for patients, relatives and caregivers. We aimed to evaluate an under-mattress detection tool (EMFIT®) in real-life hospital conditions, in particular its sensitivity and false alarm rate (FAR), as well as its impact on patient care."

"Conclusion: "These results suggest that EMFIT® sensor is able to detect convulsive seizures with good sensitivity and low FAR, and allows caregivers to intervene more often in the event of a nocturnal seizure. This would be an interesting complementary tool to better secure the patients with epilepsy during hospitalization or at home."

Read the entire article here!

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